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Elex Technology is a world leading social game developer. It completed the first round financing from global Internet giants in 2009. With the headquarters in Beijing

and offices in Nanjing and Taipei, ELEX now boasts of over 100 million RMB of net assets, 80 million USD of estimated market value, and over 200 employees.

Elex Technology provides both social game services and browser game services for more than 50 million users on over 20 platforms across 30 countries, over 14

million of whom are daily active users. The “Happy Harvest” game of ELEX has magnetized in Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, and Germany,


Elex has its own gaming, which is a prestigious multilingual browser game platform and community, with more than 10 million active users,

covering South America, European and the Middle East market. provides flash games, browser and social games. The browser games include DDTank

which is Racing RPG, Caesar which is SLG/Strategy Game and some other different kinds of games. There are also some top Chinese browser games in,

such as Immortal King and the Golden Land.


Elex Technology was founded in 2008 by Tang Binsen with $ 3 million financial support from Tecent.

As of February 2009, Happy Harvest had over 2 million daily active users.

As of March 2009, ELEX had over 50 employees.

As of September 2009, ELEX had over 100 employees.

As of December 2009, ELEX had developed its own gaming platform

As of January 2010, ELEX had over 120 employees, and monthly income reaches 1.5 million.

As of June 2010, ELEX cooperated with Innovative Workshops, developing a next-generation game development platforms cloud computing project – Clouds with $ 5


As of November 2010, ELEX was serving 50 million users on over 20 platforms across 30 countries.

In December, 2010, ELEX founded its subsidiary in Hefei, China and had over 180 employees.

In January, 2011, ELEX’s gaming platform had over 500 thousand daily active users.

In April 2011, ELEX had over 300 employees.


Social Games

Happy Harvest

Super Texas Holdem

Casino City

Fashion Life

Tropical Island

Hot Football

Magic Gardener

Happy Football

Cool Fish

Happy pet

Browser Games



Age of seven dragon

Age of seven dragon 2

The age of discovery

King of War

Golden world

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